D16 – Report of week 2

D16 – Report of week 2

It has now been two weeks since we started the expedition. This is the report of week 2.

While the main goal of the first week was to progressively increase the daily skiing hours, this second week was more regular and we did ski and pull our sledge for 8 to 9 hours a day over the past week. Our regular expedition day starts at 6am with melting water, breakfast and putting down the tent, then ski and pull sledge all day with a 10 minute break every hour and a one hour lunch (we put up the tent). Then the evening is also about melting water, eating and sleeping – plus communication and usually some reading or writing.

We will reach tomorrow our first ressuply (food and fuel) after 17 days of expedition and will take our first rest day. We look forward to it ! Resting and recovering are important as our goal is to cross Antarctica over more than 2.000kms.

As for the weather, all days were quite different actually (more or less wind, up to 15 meters per second, sunny to cloudy and even white out, and temperature ranging from -12°C to -37°C).

We have also just passed a crevasse area so the route is now safer and this is good news! On Day 14 our progression was slowed down by a giant crevasse (8kms long and more than 10 meters large – this is Antarctica) which we decided not to cross but rather ski alongside until we  found a safe passage.

Weather forecast is good for the next couple of days.

More to come…

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