D30 – Report of week 4

D30 – Report of week 4

It has now been four weeks since we started the expedition. This is the report of week 4.

With app. 268 kms to ski to the South Pole, we are still working just fine on our intermediate goal to reach the South Pole by Christmas Eve.

We had three colder days over the past week – with strong front wind (15 to 18m/s) – making windchill dropped to -50°C. This was just before our second rest day (Dec. 12) so we fully appreciated this rest day which means no ski and staying in the tent all day ! This rest day was used to recharge all batteries. We also had a conference call with students from high school in France, answered to some interviews, dried all equipment and slept more. Then today, as we started again to ski towards the South Pole, the wind had decreased significantly and that was great as it makes our progression lot less difficult.

We are so far still in good shape – although we may have lost some body weight down the way – and so is the equipment.

We have reached today the altitude of 2,450 meters – highest point of the expedition being app. 2,800 meters. We are actually almost on the Antarctic Plateau where the terrain should be flater – although we expect the snow to be more sticky.

Weather forecast is good for the next couple of days – good meaning almost no wind and good visibility.

More to come…

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