D38 – Report of week 5

D38 – Report of week 5

It has now been five weeks since we started the expedition. This is the report of week 5.

With app. 54 kms to ski to the South Pole, we are now about to reach South Pole on December 23 late afternoon. This will allow us to have a rest day on Christmas Eve to then start again on Christmas Day (with more than 1,100 kms to ski through).

We have been progressing on the Antarctic Plateau over the last week – which means flater terrain, a bit colder (around -50°C), and somehow deeper and sticky snow.

The altitude (app. 2800 meters) makes the progression more difficult. We can feel there is less oxygen as we are pulling our sledges. Wearing face mask also makes it more difficult to breathe.

But we are so far still in good shape and so is almost all the equipment.

We are of course looking forward to reaching the South Pole – even if it is not as such the goal of our expedition as we attempt to cross Antarctica.

Weather forecast is good for the next couple of days – little wind and good visibility.

More to come…

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