D66 – Report of week 9

D66 – Report of week 9 

It has now been nine weeks since we started the expedition. This is the report of week 9.

We have made very good progress towards our goal with almost 250 kms done over the past six days, after the rest day we took last Monday. That is over 40 kms a day on average – and 46.3 kms today as the weather was favorable with strong wind in the back (app. 15m/s). We have been pushing and skiing longer hours in order to achieve this. And we are now app. 325 kms far from our finish line !

If the weather is good enough, as it has been over the past week (mostly sunny with some wind coming from the South and not too strong) we should be in a position to achieve the expedition ACROSS ANTARCTICA 2014 by Jan. 26.

We are also already happy that we managed to collect data and provide answers to questions raised by school students who are following the expedition (several schools being involved with the expedition back in France). And that we were able to take videos and photos of the expedition as part of our project to share this expedition as much as possible.

For video, photo and communication purposes, we are using 1 tripod, 1 Canon XA 20, 1 Canon 5D, 1 Canon G1X, 4 Go Pro, 2 Zoom Q4, 2 Sennheiser mics and 1 mic cravate, and several sound recorders,  Sandisk memory cards, 1 Mac Book Air which we notably use for making back up copies on 2 external OCZ solid state drivers, 1 smartphone, 2 sat phones and 2 Access Point – plus 3 or 4 batteries for each equipment and cables for charging, 2 solar panels (62 W and 30 W) and 2 batteries of 50 W each… That makes app. 25 kgs overall to pull all over the way to be able to share the expedition as we would like to when we will be back in France.

We are also happy that the donation page we have created in order to support the Charity Association Petits Princes is working well (link below) and we hope to collect even more funds for this Charity to fulfill even more dreams of diseased children.

We are now focused on achieving the expedition as planned – we still have some hard work to get it done !

More to come…

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Across Antarctica 2014 soutient l’Association PetitS PrinceS.logo_petitsprincesAidez-nous à réaliser un rêve d’enfant chaque jour de l’expédition en participant – virtuellement – à l’expédition.